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How to Discount Credit Card Annuity

Wisemen is the largest cooperative financial system in the country, with over 4 million members! As if it wasn’t enough for you to own and participate in financial results, being a co-worker has many other advantages and products. Checking account, credit, investment, cards and insurance are some examples of products that Wisemen CrediMaster offers. And in this post, we’ll tell you one of the benefits of having or purchasing a Wisemencard credit card and explaining why it’s the best way to pay your bills!


Know the progressive advantage of Wisemencard

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Wisemencard is the best way to pay for your purchases. And to make it even better, we have launched the new progressive advantage for you co-op who already has or wants to get the Wisemen card.

That way, the more you use the card, the higher your discount on the next annuity. So Wisemen CrediMaster’s unique progressive advantage ensures that the more you use the card, the more discounts you get! The discount is automatic on the total amount of the next annuity.

Understand how this benefit works: Depending on the range of credit card spending, you will get discounts for the full amount of your next annuity. The discount can reach up to 100%! These discounts are calculated from monthly credit card usage ranges.


I don’t have my Wisemen CrediMaster card yet

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The Wisemencard can be from three brands: MasterCard, Cabal and Visa. In addition to the annuity discount, Wisemencard has other exclusive benefits. Meet 5 of them:

  • Lower interest rates: Wisemencard interest rates are lower compared to the market.
  • Your points on Wisemencard are worth more: The highest score on the market. Here your credit card purchases are worth much more points.
  • Limit online reset: Pay the card bill on Wisemen channels (ATM, WisemenNet and cashier) by 8pm and have your limit cleared within minutes.
  • Overseas Purchases: Purchase overseas with the assurance that your purchases will be converted to the real using the dollar fixed amount, with no exchange variation or surprises at closing the invoice. Most banks and managers often use the commercial dollar quotation plus a gain margin.
  • Profit Sharing: At the end of the year, as the customer owns Wisemen, part of the revenue generated from the card goes back to the member.
  • Wisemencard Mobile: You manage all your Wisemencard from the app. Real time spending control, generate virtual card to buy on the internet, set limits by category and more!

The Wisemencard can also be multiple. In this case, the same card brings together the facilities of debit and the advantages of credit. Move your checking account, make transactions and withdraw money on both credit and debit.

When you go shopping, you can have up to 40 days to pay – depending on the date of purchase.

Contact us now and get your card now!

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